Football Betting Strategy: Betting English Premier League vs Less Popular Leagues

Online bookmakers take more bets on the English Premier League than any other football division in the entire world. The EPL is truly a global product and football betting customers love to bet on English top flight matches, especially any game involving teams such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

However, because this is a such a popular football league for betting, it naturally follows that the best football betting sites are unlikely to make too many mistakes with their odds for each match. They have a stack of data for each game at their disposal and it can make it harder for a betting customer to gain an edge considering that bookies have immediate access to team news and manager comments.

If a bookmaker has their ducks in a row regarding the English Premier League, it naturally makes sense to consider other football divisions when we go in search of football winners and we’ve got a list of leagues that you should consider before placing a bet.

English Championship, League One and League Two

While the English Premier League is hugely popular, how many times have you witnessed a largely one-sided match between one of the leading teams and a lower-ranked side? The same situation occurs a lot more infrequently when it comes to Championship, League One and League Two matches in England and that can mean a more profitable betting heat as a result.

If you’re interested in lower-league English football, then the rewards can be great, especially as a bookmaker is less likely to monitor team news away from the Premier League simply because there is less money being traded on these matches. It’s worth getting a handle on these divisions and getting a look at the early prices to see if there’s any ricks knocking about.

Bet on Top European Football Leagues

Many like to claim that the English Premier League is the best domestic club football competition in the world, although the standard is roughly the same when it comes to Spanish La Liga , German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A or French Ligue 1. These are all high-end European leagues where betting opportunities are rife.

Why limit yourself to the Premier League when you can effectively multiply your betting possibilities by following the other top leagues in Europe? It’s easy enough to gain access to the latest scores and league tables, while there’s any amount of data relating to a particular team’s latest performances too.

It’s also worth steering clear of teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona too. Matches involving these Spanish giants will attract plenty of attention from bookmakers and punters alike, although some of the obscure fixtures are often where the value can be found.

Try Lesser European Football Leagues

If you’re prepared to delve even deeper in search of football betting value, then there are domestic leagues in most European countries including the Dutch Eredivisie where you can find household names such as Ajax, Feyenoord and FC Twente. This is a high-scoring league and provides great entertainment for those watching.

There are also competitive football leagues in countries such as Scotland, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Sweden and Norway. You’ll recognise many of the teams thanks to their involvement in European competition and it gives you an even wider net to cast when it comes to finding winners in football matches.

What About the Rest of the World?

Football is played all over the world and that means that you will find domestic leagues on every continent. While it’s easy to focus on the European competitions, South America is another hotbed of football and you will find fiercely competitive football divisions when it comes to countries such as Brazil and Argentina.

In the United States, the MLS (Major League Soccer) is gaining more popularity with the passing of every season, while many top players are now heading to China to feature in the Super League. Japan and South Korea also have competitive football leagues and the same can be said of Australia who hosts the A-League.

Quite simply, there are football matches taking place all over the world and many leagues have their season taking place during the summer which is when the English Premier League is closed for business. Therefore, it pays to take a world view to your football betting and you might even profit more from betting on the more obscure leagues.